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'When you fast, good habits gather
like friends who want to help.'

~ Rumi

Seasonal Cleansing

An opportunity to reset your body, mind and emotions.

Mother Nature offers us seasonal 'reminders' to press pause, tune in and pay attention to our multi-layered being, in order for us to hear what it is that our body, mind and spirit needs in order to be well.


Often our modern lifestyles don't make it easy for us to focus in and unfortunately we 'forget' our natural rhythm.  We may experience noticeable symptoms that indicate the need of support from our innate healer.

  • disturbed sleep

  • seasonal allergies

  • low energy or mood 

  • bloating or cravings

  • poor or erratic digestion or bowel movements

  • a 'feeling' of being stuck or blocked in the body, mind or relationships


An Ayurvedic Seasonal Cleanse enables us to take care of ourselves in a practical and kind way; simplifying our daily routine, meals and activities so that our body and mind can naturally 'clean up'.  We emerge from the process feeling lighter and with much more clarity on all levels; calm and balanced and better able to navigate life's ups and downs.

Being part of a group is wonderful for motivation and support.  Collectively we amplify the effectiveness and sense of wellbeing for one-another and give and receive encouragement.  Fasting isn't easy, and being held in a group container is very helpful. 

The spring reset cleanses the blood and lymph and rejuvenates the body after the heaviness of winter.



and will encompass the October Full Moon enabling us to 'see', 'harvest' and practically let go of what has completed itself for us, going lightly into the darker months of the year.  

Price: £100 or included in the Consciously Vital program

Scroll down for more information on what's included.

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An online course platform with everything in one place! 

  • An Overview of the process and Shopping List so you can plan and shop for ingredients and herbal support.

  • All the information and recipes you need to prepare 3 - 4 nourishing and healing daily meals and drinks.

  • All the information you need to prepare for a flush on day 5

  • 9 x daily guided morning Yoga practice via zoom (recorded if you are unable to attend).

  • 3 x 45 minute Zoom coaching sessions during the different stages of the reset, especially for Q&A.

  • Daily recorded meditation/visualisation practices.

  • Access to online course platform and private WhatsApp group where you can connect with me and others who are on the program; share experiences, ask questions, and feel supported.

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