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Hands Touching

'You work on yourself as an offering to others ... everything is part of that circle. You don't try, and you enjoy the process because it may well be an unending one.' 

~ Ram Das

Monthly Gatherings for Curious Souls

An invitation to discover more of your Self, as part of a committed community.

This course of workshops is born out of an ongoing and intimate enquiry into the beautiful potential Yoga has for Self realisation.  Yoga is a radical practice, inviting change and responsibility.  It is timeless, and offers the means to become deeply present, intelligent, and peaceful, while also recognising that we are dynamic and evolving!

Yoga is especially potent when explored as a relational practice.  When in relationship, we both give and receive, and offer an invitation to consciousness in every moment.  This brings the potential for grace and dignity in all interactions.

These monthly workshops are designed to build a comprehensive exploration of Yoga, informed by the teachings of Krishnamacharya, Desikachar and Vanda Scaravelli as well as everyone present in the circle!


Through genuine compassionate enquiry, in like-minded company, you will be supported to explore your relationship with body, mind and breath.  Dot Bowen is a skilled and experienced teacher with a passion for empowering people on their own journey.  All that is needed is a willingness to let go of old beliefs and embrace the unknown, which requires a level of maturity and vulnerability.



*Past graduates of  YTDC courses are eligible for substantial discounts on all or part of the series. 

Yoga Group

What we do

There are 2 gatherings left for 2023. with half-day-workshops on 8th October for Autumn practices, and 10th December for Winter practices, held just outside Lewes in East Sussex.  They run from 10am - 1pm with shared lunch after.

Each workshop is comprised of a mixture of teaching and practice, pranayama, philosophy discussion and relaxation. 


There is a dedicated space for Q & A around specific requests from participants.  This is an excellent opportunity to personalise each workshop to the people attending.  You are warmly invited to send your questions in beforehand, or bring them on the day.

There are options to attend all or some of the content depending on what you are looking for. For example, if you are already a qualified Yoga teacher you may like to attend some of the workshops as part of your CPD, or if you are interested in becoming a certified Yoga Teacher, this series of workshops can build towards a 200hr Teaching qualification. 

The main intention of these gatherings is to hold space for all participants to be part of the community dedicated to Yoga as a spiritual practice.


Prices and Bookings can be found on the "Book Here" page. 

**Past graduates of the Integrity Yoga UK Teacher Development courses can attend all or some of the sessions at a substantial discount.  

Your experience and enquiry is so valuable to the community!

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