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What to expect.


We each have a unique state of being which is determined by our DNA as well as our personal life circumstances.  This state of being is affected by what we eat and what we do, as well as by the environment in which we live.  Most of this is changing on a daily or seasonal basis, and during the course of our life cycle. 


Ayurveda helps us to understand our personal constitution or dosha, and thereby empowers us to take control of our own wellbeing, prevent illness and heal dis-ease. 

We learn to harmonise our self with our environment. 


A consultation begins with an in-depth assessment of your lifestyle, eating habits and sense of wellness.  This discussion offers an understanding of where imbalances may arise for you, and what changes will be most helpful on the path to your optimum vitality!


Ayurveda is the “science of living” and re-awakens the intelligence of the very life-force in each of us!  It is not a quick-fix solution to treat overt symptoms of disease. 


Changes are gentle yet profound, and you can enjoy the process at your own pace.


Initial consultation lasts 90 minutes and costs £70

Follow-up consultation: £45

Food supplements may be recommended for you to source if you wish.  

These will be discussed with you at your appointment.

Call to book – 07940 770 123

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