The simplicity and beauty of Yoga practised walking in the footsteps of Krishnamacharya and Vanda Scaravelli


This practice invites us to “show up” to what it is to have a life in this form,

and to appreciate and enjoy the full potential of experiencing both!

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be"

~ Lao Tzu

Working with all layers of ourselves requires presence and attention without imposition of the will of the intellect over the primal intelligence of the body.  

It is an un-learning of conditioning to re-member oneself towards wholeness.  

The attitude is loving and with a light touch, but with full awareness, precision and clear intention – we do our practice to reconcile ourselves with whatever is arising in the exact moment, free from what was yesterday, and free from expectation.  This keeps the practice fresh, authentic and liberating.

It is a most rewarding way to come to terms with life's challenges!

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