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Image by Ashley Batz

Consciously Vital

"At the centre of your being you have the answer;
you know who you are and you know what you want."

~ Lao Tzu

Sometimes we forget and need a little help to uncover that innate 'knowing'.
2024 is a year for looking forwards.  I’m very pleased to be offering a platform to help you to envision a deeper, even more connected relationship with your life & health.  It’s a way to be 
supported within a community while you rediscover and embody simple, sustainable practices which respect your individuality within the beautiful fabric of Nature


You’re here to live life to the full – what’s in the way? 


  • Are you overwhelmed?

  • Feeling tired and uninspired?

  • Having trouble sleeping or having some brain fog?

  • Want to feel more connected and empowered?


The Consciously Vital year-long journey enables you to explore the healing practices of Ayurveda and Yoga, and incorporate them into your daily life. Simply and consistently, until they become second-nature.  
Join the journey from £375 (£1/day) - Learn More Here
I have over twenty years’ experience supporting people with all aspects of their wellness.  What I’ve noticed is this: the most transformational and enriching moments arise when we’re working together in like-minded company.
Imagine yourself one year from now... 
  • Relaxed, balanced and content

  • Confident and 'in control' of your self-care

  • Aligned with Nature through your food and exercise

  • Well-nourished and surrounded by people who support you

...wouldn't that be great?!

Here's what we do together:

  • 42 x Weekly Yoga & Meditation - live online and recorded with 'in-person' option 

  • 12 x Monthly interactive group call including Q&A + occasional guests

  • 4 x Quarterly seasonal day-long 'meet-ups' in Sussex 

  • 2 x Spring and Autumn 10 day Seasonal Detox/Resets to do at home

  • **Optional extra - All-inclusive 3-day retreat at Florence House, Seaford 

All the learning material is delivered through a dedicated course portal on my website and we have a group forum so you can connect to others whenever you wish.

Sessions are recorded, so you can access them whenever you wish.

Image by Ashley Batz
You are unique and precious.
A rare gem.

Treat yourself with love!
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