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Image by Ashley Batz

Self-care is a radical act. 
You're precious. Live like you know it!

Consciously Vital

Humans need access to food, water, sleep and shelter in order to survive. But what do we need to thrive? What do YOU need, to feel the wind in your hair and fire in your soul? What really blows your hair back and turns you on?


You came here to shine! So what's in the way? 


  • Too busy?

  • Too tired?

  • Disconnected?

  • Feeling unwell?


Imagine yourself one year from now, feeling relaxed, balanced and strong in your being.  Confident and in control of your self-care choices; tuned in to your inner healer.  Imagine feeling naturally and consciously aligned with your values and purpose, nourished and surrounded by other people on a healing path.


  • Be inspired!

  • Be empowered!

  • Be vibrant!


I have over twenty years’ experience practicing and teaching Ayurveda and Yoga, and supporting people with all aspects of their wellness from within these incredible healing arts.  I’ve guided people to realise deeper connections within themselves on many levels but what I’ve noticed is this; the most transformational and lasting breakthroughs occur in groups when we’re in like-minded company.


If you’re craving a deeper and more connected relationship with yourself and Nature, have trouble making lasting changes or are just beginning on your healing journey then let’s talk. 


Book a free exploration call with me

No strings, no selling, just conversation. 

Come with me on the “Conscious & Vital” year long journey and establish everything you need to stay balanced, resilient and vibrant in all areas of your life.  Simply.

What we do together

Weekly Yoga & Meditation Class - online and recorded
Weekly interactive dynamic group se
ssion including Q&A 
Quarterly one-to-one mentoring 

Spring and Autumn 10 day Seasonal Detox/Reset
An all-inclusive 3-day retreat in Sussex



All the course material is delivered through my website so you don't need to go into the social media ‘black hole’!  The group forum is also here so you can connect to others whenever you wish.  Our live sessions are all on zoom and recorded for you to listen to again and again.


Please ask me if you want to know more.  There's plenty to play with, and all at your own pace designed for your pleasure.

Image by Alexandru Tudorache

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be"

~ Lao Tzu

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