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Consciously Vital 2024

  • 53Weeks


Come with me on the “Consciously Vital” year long journey in 2024. I'm always in awe of the magic that happens when people come together to explore Yoga and Ayurveda. It seems these ancient healing arts have a way of bringing out the most beautiful parts of us to be seen and celebrated! Our vulnerabilities, our strengths, and our creativity. I'm passionate about exploring our potential to have an enriching relationship with life. During the year, we'll explore Yoga and Ayurvedic practices relevant to the seasonal cycles, Observing and aligning with Nature in a gentle rhythmic way helps us to live sustainably and feel peaceful and at home in our bodies. We take our time, repeat the practices and have deep conversations and sharing circles along the way to recover our sense of community and belonging. There's nothing to 'achieve' yet everything to realise! We have weekly, monthly and seasonal practices to support our return to engaged and conscious vitality. Everything we do is inexpensive, uses simple practices and ingredients and relies only on natural, time-tested principles. There are no quick-fix fads in this program, and you are warmly invited to come as you are! Invest in the only thing that really has lasting value - you and your health!


4 Plans Available, From £40.00/month


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