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Hello beautiful Soul

Welcome to my site.  Take your time to look around and see how I can help you on your wellness journey.

About me

I have been exploring the practices of Yoga and Ayurveda for over 20 years. I'm an Ayurvedic practitioner, Yoga teacher and teacher-trainer and I empower people on their journey to natural health so we can all live well and consciously on our beautiful Earth.


I'm in my wisdom years, I have a family, I keep chickens and I like simplicity.  I believe in freedom and kindness, and self-enquiry.  Yoga & Ayurveda have helped me through many stages of my own healing, and continue to show me how to make meaning of life and to stay balanced and well.

If you would like to book a free 30 minute call to talk about what you, and find out how I can help, please visit my calendar.  I would love to connect with you!


Dot has studied for over 20 years under direct students of the revolutionary Yoga teacher  Vanda Scaravelli, whose approach to the practice enables a simple and yet profoundly beautiful relationship to our bodies, and our place in the cosmos.


Dot has been practicing and exploring Ayurveda in a western context since 2008, which allows a deep understanding of the challenges we face to our health and wellbeing in the 21st century. She has a practical and realistic way of explaining the fundamental principles which enables them to be assimilated into modern daily life in a way that is relevant and meaningful to who we are and where we are in our life cycle.


She has curated and taught two 2-year Yoga Teacher Development Courses, and has a busy Ayurvedic practice, and she is passionate about empowering people to find their own healthy and loving connection to life and vitality.

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