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Self-care is a radical act. 
It is a statement of gratitude for, and commitment to life.

Conscious & Vital

A year-long journey home to empowered vitality


We are all gifted and intelligent beings experiencing life in completely unique ways.  How we feel is directly influenced by the choices we make and the qualities we engage with.  If we want to feel differently, we have to engage with different things, and we have to feed all levels of ourselves with top quality nourishment!


It takes courage and humility to honour the gift of Life by making good choices which both sustain our health and elevate our Consciousness.  Throughout the passage of ordinary living, we are exposed to all manner of influences which literally form us physically, emotionally and spiritually.  If we don't regularly refresh and review our choices, we become them, and we forget who we are!

The beauty of Life itself is that it's always seeking equilibrium.  Anything that's not "right" for us shows up as discomfort or disease.  Our part to play is to observe simple practices that give us time and space to feel into our experience, take action when necessary, and be peaceful at all other times.

Self-care involves re-establishing a deeply respectful, compassionate and loving relationship with the process of being.  The healing arts of Yoga and Ayurveda offer us the tools to do just that, and it would be my pleasure to guide you.

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What's included

  • An Overview of the process and Shopping List by email so you can plan and shop for ingredients and herbal support.

  • All the information and recipes you need to prepare 3 - 4 nourishing and healing daily meals and drinks.

  • All the information you need to prepare for and support a deep tissue cleanse on day 5.

  • 9 x daily guided morning Yoga practice via zoom (recorded if you are unable to attend).

  • 4 x 45 minute Zoom sessions explaining the different stages of the process followed by a 20 minute Q&A. (recorded)

  • 4 x presentation slideshows for you to keep.

  • Daily recorded meditation/visualisation practices.

  • Access to private WhatsApp group where you can connect with me and others who are on the program; share experiences and ask questions and feel supported.

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