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Apr 4, 2024 - Apr 14, 2024

Spring Seasonal Reset

  • 11Days


Harness the power of an Ayurvedic Seasonal Reset as part of a group! This enables us to take care of ourselves in a practical and kind way; simplifying our daily routine, meals and activities so that our body and mind can naturally 'clean up'. We emerge from the process feeling lighter and with more clarity on all levels; calm and balanced and better able to navigate life's ups and downs. Being part of a group is wonderful for motivation and support. Collectively we amplify the effectiveness and sense of wellbeing for one-another and give and receive encouragement. Fasting isn't easy, and being held in a group container is very helpful. You will go deeper with ease by being part of a group process - guaranteed! Plus, we all need practice at returning to community and this is a way to remember that. I've been guiding Ayurvedic seasonal cleanses for 14 years and during the pandemic, started guiding groups through the process. I noticed how much more 'successful' people are when involved in a process with like-minded people, gently accompanied and supported towards healthy progress. We're better together, but everyone is different so there is plenty of space to make personal choices and set your own intentions and limits!


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